Small-Animal RF Platforms

Simple-tune Small-Animal Imaging Platform

Prompt delivery of standard sizes.


Shown with CP Litzcage rf coil (removable rf shield not shown.) All standard sizes available to 500 MHz. Standard Coil Sizes – 25 mm, 38 mm, 50 mm, 63 mm diameter.

1H and Dual-Frequency RF Coils on Small-Animal Imaging Platforms (SAIP)

Versatile, Open, Robust, Economical Design

The CP litzcage is semi-open and mounted on an almost transparent, short coil form. The separate, removable, rf shield allows for full, convenient access to the coil area. The platform is usually supplied with a CP Litzcage rf coil with SNR typically 15% higher than that of conventional CP birdcages of similar dimensions. B1 homogeneity is typically 10-30% better, and the coil has superior B0 homogeneity.

Easy tuning

A unique symmetrizing circuit ensures the coil is easily tuned and matched to the full range of samples with negligible loss in efficiency, channel separation, or symmetry. Tuning range is much better than with conventional birdcages and tuning methods.


Top – a 63 mm Small Animal Imaging Platform (SAIP)
Middle – a 38 mm Small Animal Imaging Platform
Bottom – a 25 mm Small Animal Imaging Platform

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Click on the frequency for the list of standard SAIP coils.

An adjustable headholder is available for 38 mm coils.

mouse fixture-website3

The headholder shown above is equipped with an adjustable toothbar and variable depth ear pins (which gently insert into the ear canals). Adjustments are simple – yet the result is gentle, secure immobilization of the head. Finally, the nose cup can be slid over the nose and attached to the anesthesia line.

mouse in coil-index

Enlarged view of the RF Litzcage coil and animal cradle


Mouse Embryo

3 mouse embyos2

Imaged at 7T on a Doty Small Animal Imaging Platform with a CP Litzcage coil ID=25 mm Length=22 mm
50 micron isotropic resolution, Imaging time=14h34’





Courtesy of: Youssef Zaim Wadghiri, Amanda Schneider, Emily N. Gray, Orlando Aristizabal, Daniel H. Turnbull and David Gutstein New York University


Additional Documents

The 4-point-drive Litzcage - A Semi-Open MRI RF CP Coil with a Wide Tuning Range

Download a preprint of “RF Coil Technology for Small-Animal MRI”, by F. David Doty, George Entzminger, Jatin Kulkarni, Kranti Pamarthy and John P. Staab, published in [NMR Biomed. 2007; 20: 304-325, published online in Wiley Interscience, at, DOI: 10.1002/nbm.1149].



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