PROTON max Low E


High Performance for Solids,
with Low E Fields

PROTONMAX probes are optimized for
High decoupling fields on the PROTON channel

Highest decoupling efficiency, with inner PROTON coil
Longest acquisition times with full decoupling, 150-300 ms
Low E Fields since 1997, via patented cross coil
Lower decoupler heating by an order of magnitude of biological solids compared to solenoid onlyTuning Options:
1H/X/Y – Double-broadband X & Y channels
1H/X – broadband X channel
Several 19F tuning options

Available for Narrow- and Wide-bore Magnets

Wide Temperature Ranges Options:
MAS Spinner Assembly Options
Narrow Bore: 
-80°C to +120°C for Standard NB VT Range
-150°C to +150°C for XVT (extended NB VT)
-170°C for LXVT (low temperature range extended)
Wide Bore:
-140°C to +170°C for Standard WB VT Range
-150°C to +250°C for XVT (extended WB VT)
-170°C for LXVT (low temperature range extended)
Spinner Assembly
Maximum Speed
3 mm DI3, Drop-In *
28 kHz
4 mm DI4, Drop-In *
18 kHz
4 mm XC4
22 kHz
5 mm XC5
18 kHz
7 mm XC7 (WB Only) 12 kHz
*Top loading (auto sample eject) requires Drop In MAS spinner.
(Currently only in NB)

13C CP/MAS on Glycine@ 750
H/C/N tuning MHz, 4 mm, S/N=218
Natural-abundance glycine 13C, 4 scans,
110 kHz TPPM 1H decoupling, 70 μL sample,
ramped-CP at 50 kHz for 1 ms, 17 kHz MAS.

110 kHz decoupling fields at 750 MHz with 10 to 25 times lower sample heating compared to solenoid-only probes. Stable tuning, low heating, high sensitivity, and excellent B1 matching on both coils, even for lossy samples. Unlike many sample coil designs, the B1homogeneity of the cross coil coil is not significantly effected by the sample because of its inherent electrical balance, symmetry, and very low inductance.

Proven Performance


13C-1H MAS-J-HMQC Solid State NMR Spectrum of β-maltose, taken at natural abundance in 13C .   Homonuclear 1H decoupling in the J evolution periods, τ , and t1 was achieved using the PMLG   technique.   See: Yates, et al., JACS . 2005, 127, 10216-10220. Spectrum courtesy of S.P. Brown, Univ. of Warwick, UK.  

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