Access Sample Temperatures to 250 ºC in a Narrow Bore Wideline Probe!

Special NB  Wideline 3 mm H/X Probe to 250 ºC

(The NB probe is shown below.  It also has the ultra low 1H background option) 

   The Ceramic Housing and Coil Support Enables:

– High Temperature Operation

– Protection of the Coil and Sample

– Minimal Background Signals                  

– (Ultra Low 1H Background Option)           

   High-power decoupling

5 μs 1H π/2 pulse at 600 MHz with 230 W
μs 13C π/2 pulse at 150.9 MHz with 350 W

   H/X Double-tune Broadband (or H/X/Y)

   Extended VT range: NB -110 °C to 250 °C

   A wide bore version of this probe is available
              with XVT range: WB -110 °C to 320 °C


  Sample temperature measured by 207Pb(NO3)2 chemical shift

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