Static DNP Probes

Making it possible for NMR groups to bring static H/X/Y/e- DNP into their labs

For both solids and liquids at high fields

The estimated price including the solid-state μw source, the Doty DNP probe, waveguides, and transitions, for 7T to 11.7T, is anticipated to be in the range of $180K to $220K.

Adequate solid-state μw sources are available up to 11.7 T.







The static DNP cavity and probe being initially developed for 7 T is expected to yield two orders of magnitude gain in S/N for a wide range of solids NMR experiments, and it is expected to do so with an order of magnitude lower microwave (μw) power than competing MAS-DNP designs. This allows for using solid state μw sources. (Of course the probe could also be used with a gyrotron.)

Overall, the proposed technology development is expected to provide biomedical researchers with tremendous new opportunities for the structure-function studies of membrane proteins and cellular membrane systems at a manageable budget.

Related cavity designs compatible with MAS-DNP are also being developed.

Acknowledgement: Research reported here was supported by NIA of the National Institutes of Health under award numbers 1R41AG050394. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the NIH.

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