Company Profile


Doty Scientific, Inc. was founded by Dr. F. David Doty (president and chief engineering scientist) in May 1982, in Columbia, South Carolina, for the primary purpose of designing and manufacturing scientific instrumentation. The company’s initial product was a CP/MAS (Cross Polarization/Magic Angle Spinning) probe for chemical structure determination of solid materials via Nuclear Magnetic Reso­nance (NMR). For an overview of the technology and products in NMR, see ‘Probe Design and Construction’ and ‘Solid State Probe Design’ in ‘ Encyclopedia of NMR ‘, Wiley Press, 1996.

Today, Doty Scientific has a staff of exceptional employees, including 5 PhD’s; additional scientists and engineers with masters degrees or BS degrees; and several highly skilled machinists and technicians. Over half of our employees have been with the company for more than seven years. Our strengths lie primarily in physics, biochemistry and electrical, mechanical and manufacturing engineering. The company has approximately 30 patents in a number of areas (Click here for references).

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