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Doty Scientific Family is Growing!

Doty Scientific is pleased to introduce new members in our NMR team

NMR Applications Scientist, Dr. Bibhuti Das

BibhutiBibhuti received his Ph.D. in Physics, specializing in development and applications in solid state NMR spectroscopy, from the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, India. After that he received a Postdoctoral Fellowship and then Project Scientist position, both at the Univ. of California, San Diego. His experience includes developing new methodologies for rapid data collection in solid-state NMR spectroscopy and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), solid state NMR structure determination of viral proteins and membrane proteins, and in vivo molecular imaging. He’s published over 31 research articles on protein structures, protein biophysics and NMR spectroscopy, contributed to 4 book chapters and 2 review articles, delivered 16 invited talks, and presented over 30 abstracts in scientific conferences nationally and internationally.

Welcome Bibhuti!

NMR Probe Development Engineer Deóis Ua Cearnaigh

Deois2D.O’C. holds interdisciplinary master’s degrees in Catalysis (materials & electrochemistry), Biofuels (algal biodiesel, bioethanol, Halobacteria), and Energy Commerce; and bachelors in Chemistry and in Biology. He earned highest distinction in university honors, wrote one thesis at Yale, one in the 3rd ranked business school nationally, and several peer-reviewed articles. D.O’C. also qualified in Physics and Linguistics, later for ABD in Molecular Biophysics at Baylor, certificates in Wind Energy (top ranked), SOFC/SOECs, and others. D.O’C.’s consistent passion is energy: the crisis of the modern era. D.O’C. never hesitates to acquire new skills anywhere to find novel solutions for major problems, with or without official recognition. The multifaceted energy crisis requires people like D.O’C. who can and will ferret out diverse solutions anywhere they hide.

Welcome D.O’C.!

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