Bench Spinners

Bench Spinner Assemblies

Bench spinners enable the researcher to spin-pack samples and test sample balance on the bench.  Some stators in bench spinner assemblies have thicker walls for added durability.


Part number
Spinner type
Price in US dollars
# 95701
3 mm DI
# 95723
4 mm DI
# 95719  
4 mm XC
# 95720
5 mm XC
# 95715
7 mm XC

Note*: A spin rate preamp is supplied with the probe. If a second one is desired for the bench spinner, the spin rate preamp, Part # 99560, must be ordered separately.

(Prices listed are USA prices.  Foreign prices are higher, plus taxes.)

A 50 % discount will be given on a bench spinner ordered on the same purchase order with a corresponding probe.

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