Temperature Accessories & Simple Cold Gas Supply

Simple Temperature Control Accessories For Probes
With Standard VT Ranges

(Prices listed are USA prices.  Foreign prices are higher, plus taxes.)

A Wide Temperature Range is Standard
For Doty MAS & Other Probes:

-80°C to +120°C for NB Standard VT
-140°C to +170°C for WB Standard VT

Extended VT Ranges – Use the new LN2-I Cold Gas System
-150 to +150°C NB XVT (extended VT)
-150 to +250°C WB XVT (extended VT)

-170°C LXVT (NB and WB low extended VT with a Doty temperature controller). To extend the temperature range, we add extra insulation and thermal baffles, utilize special materials, add additional room air, and in some cases, add extra dewars to the probe.

# 95980   Probe Exhaust Dewar   ………………….. $ 850

A Probe Exhaust Dewar is required for sample temperatures above 160°C and below -100°C (except with cryogenic, high-temp, and a few other special probes – which have a different exhaust system). The exhaust dewar is included in extended VT options but may be ordered separately. Please supply the probe serial number when ordering to ensure the proper dewar is supplied.

Simple Cold-Gas Supply Systems

Doty cold gas supplies include a heat exchanger with one, two or three intertwined pre-cooling coils; appropriate cooling coil sets; and one, two or three transfer lines to carry the cooled gas to the probe. (The pre-cooler counterflow heat exchanger in the neck of the storage dewar greatly improves cooling efficiency – an important consideration for extended runs.)
The heat exchanger is connected to the Doty probe with the flexible, foam-insulated transfer lines with fully dewared quick connects. This system provides efficient cold gas supply for temperatures down to -160°C. The cold gas supply shown below is connected to a probe at one end and connected to a flow meter and regulated gas supply on the other. The system is designed to be used with the probe exhaust dewar (listed above) and standard 50-liter nitrogen dewar (listed below) — both of which must be ordered separately.

Doty Cold Gas Supply System
(See installation diagram below.)

# 99860 Single-Supply Cold Gas System  …… $3,400
This cold-gas supply is for, standard speed or wideline probes and other single-supply applications. Also for OptiMASTM cold zone cooling when VT gas is supplied by a separate system.

# 95970 Dual-Supply Cold Gas System  …….. $5,000
For spinning with separate bearing and drive or for other dual-supply applications.
(Includes two intertwined pre-cooling coils, two cooling coil sets, and two transfer lines.)

# 95975 Triple-Supply Cold Gas System  …… $6,650
For dual-supply spinning and OptiMAS “cold zone” cooling.
(Includes three intertwined pre-cooling coils, three cooling coil sets, and three transfer lines.)

# 86020 50-Liter Liquid Nitrogen Dewar …….. $1,800
This dewar is intended to be used with the Doty Cold-Gas System.  (A Nitrogen Dewar already owned or purchased locally may be used if compatible with the cold-gas system, however specifications must match.)

Doty Cold Gas Supply – Installation Diagram
(Single Supply Shown)


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