Surface Coils

Surface Coils for High-Field MRI/NMR

Hundreds of Standard Coils To Choose From
Numerically optimized — Up to 50% higher S/N

Doty Surface Coils

  • Featuring conductor geometries optimized for the best sensitivity and B1 homogeneity with biological samples.
  • Non-magnetic sealed tuningcapacitors mounted adjacent to the coil on a low-loss dielectric substrate – either polyimide or teflon.
  • Balanced and designed for use with 50 Ω systems.
  • Fitted with double-shielded flexible rf line (Teflon or polyethylene) with BNC
  • Passive or Active Detuning options for homonuclear experiments using a volume transmit coil.
  • Dual frequency surface coils also available.
  • Circuit elements enclosed unless ordered otherwise.
  • A Remote Coil Matching Network (RCMN) is required for use with the surface coils. The RCMN (which functions over a range of frequencies) can often be used for several coils. Scroll down for description, part numbers and prices.

Standard surface coils,
a tuning screwdriver and a Remote Coil Matching Network .

Note that a standard cable length is listed with each coil. If you would like a shorter or longer cable, simply email your preference to sales at dotynmr with your order confirmation number, and it will be taken care of.

For active detuning, the default polarity is detuned with positive bias and tuned with negative bias (schematic shown further below). The opposite polarity is available with no additional charge. Contact sales at dotynmr or call 1-803-738-6832 to request this option.

Standard coil diameters currently include 8, 12, 16, 20, and 24 mm.
You may download a list of standard products, that includes size, frequency, sensitivity, price, detuning option, and part number, for your magnet. These standard products include single or dual frequency, transmit-receive (T), passive detuning (P), active detuning (A), 1H, 19F, 31P, and 13C for the following 1H frequencies:

Click on the frequency for the list of standard surface coils.
An actively detuned RCMN, a surface coil and a tuning screwdriver
Coil Tuning Accessories
US$ *
Remote Coil Matching Network (RCMN)

Allows remote impedance matching and limited (2%) frequency tuning of surface coils.  Specify high-range(above 200 MHz), mid-range, or low-range (below 80 MHz).

Remote Coil Matching Network for actively detuned coil.

Pictured on the left.
Detune Driver for actively detuned surface or volume coil.
For driving detune circuit; accepts TTL pulse. (Output + 15 V)
Dual Channel Detune Driver
For driving detune circuit of 2 coils (surface and/or volume) simultaneously. Accepts TTL pulse. (Output + 15 V)

Custom coils, larger sizes or with unique requirements, are available at higher prices. 
The coil on far left is a 50 mm custom coil. The white coil is also custom.

The coil next to the tuning screwdriver is one of the standard 8 mm coils.

Please contact sales with questions or quote requests. (803) – 738-6832

Custom Surface Coils3_coils 2

Delivery is usually 2-3 weeks for standard single tuned coils and 3-4 weeks for standard dual frequency coils.

Other sizes or frequencies are available on special order at higher prices and longer delivery time.

If you have any questions – with respect to custom or standard coils – don’t hesitate to inquire, by phone or email.

“RF Coil Technology for Small-Animal MRI”, F. David Doty, George Entzminger, Jatin Kulkarni, Kranti Pamarthy, and John P. Staab, was published in NMR Biomed. 2007; 20: 304-325
This paper contains many helpful details on surface coils, including schematics (like the one on the right).

Actively detuned segmented coil
(LS) connected by transmission line (TRL1) to the RCMN box.


* Prices are U.S. domestic prices.  Foreign prices higher, plus taxes.
Add 5% plus customs duties for Canada.
Add 15% plus customs duties for other foreign sales.
Shipping and handling charges will be prepaid and added to the invoice.


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