Doty High-Temperature CPMAS Probes

in a class by itself


Simple, safe operation up to 700οC
(limited to 5 kHz above 700οC)

Spinning up to 6 kHz

Double-balanced, multi-X, high-efficiency RF

Ultra-low (<1%) thermal gradients
Silicon-nitride stator, rotor and turbine

45 kHz 1H decoupling at 600οC, 500 MHz 
(Double-tuned available up to 500 MHz)

Efficient heat exchanger for maximum safety

70Pt – 30Rh heater element for long life

Click here, to see spectra taken with Doty High-Temperature CPMAS probes

The bell-dewar construction includes alumina-dispersion-strengthened copper, a superalloy, a custom Cu-Ni alloy, Sn-bronze, and three braze alloys. A 30-hour vacuum bake-out at 620°C ensures long-term reliability.

  • Highly optimized, high temperature Si3N4 rotor/turbines have laser-machined blades with an integral shroud.
  • The Radial-inflow Si3N4 turbines minimize N2 gas consumption
  • Low-cost, boron-nitride sample cell inserts( inside Si3N4 rotor) for melting, reacting and outgassing situations.
Part number
Item description
Price (US dollars)
# 43648
Shrouded silicon- nitride high-temp. rotor (requires a screw and insert)
# 43965
Boron nitride high-temp. rotor insert
# 7830
Zirconia high-temp. rotor screw
The above prices are in US dollars – Foreign prices are higher, plus taxes.


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