Solids NMR Probes

Scroll down for MAS, SAS, High Temperature MAS, and Wideline.

Most of our state-of-the-art solids probes are also capable of superb
HR MAS of liquids and semi-solids.



Four Efficient Channels

BMAX  H/X or H/X/Y
With inner solenoid
Low E

Highest X and Y Sensitivity

Inner proton coil
The First Low E

Sill the Highest 1H Efficiency

Switched Angle Spinning (SAS) Probes

for residual dipolar couplings

High Temperature
NMR operation up to 700οC

Double-tuned available up to 500 MHz

Non-spinning Wideline H/X or H/X/Y

Wideline_NMR_ProbesChoice of 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 7mm, 8mm, or 10mm sample sizes


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