Solids NMR Probes

Solids NMR Probes

Most of our state-of-the-art solids probes are also capable of superb HR MAS of liquids and semi-solids.

CryoMAS Cryo Coil MAS

BMAXXY Highest sensitivity on X and Y, with inner solenoid

PROTONMAX Highest decoupling efficiency, with inner proton coil

HT MAS High Temperature MAS

SAS Switched Angle Spinning

Non-spinning NMR Solids Probes

Since our introduction of the first, reliable, MAS probes for NMR of solids in 1982, we have continued to lead the industry to higher fields, faster spinning, greater reliability, and more flexible experimental capabilities. In the year 2002, for example, we built an XC4 900 MHz triple-resonance probe with two multinuclear channels and 24 kHz MAS capability for a 4 mm sample. Currently we are supplying narrow bore probes with the option of auto sample eject. We installed the first CryoMAS probe in 2011. CryoMAS probes provide a factor of 5 increase in Signal to Noise by cooling the rf coil to 25 K while providing a temperature range of -140oC to +80oC for the sample. Doty Scientific also makes optimized non-spinning NMR probes such as Wideline, Flat-coil and Single-crystal. We are proud of our past contributions to Solids NMR, but we are also excited about the future and the innovations we continue to bring to Solids NMR. If you haven’t recently looked at what we are doing, you may be surprised at how far Doty NMR has come.

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