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BMAX Probe 100 Times Faster

Could a BMAX Probe be 100 Times Faster than your current solids probe? Possibly. How could that be true? The following is one of the most useful expressions for predicting S/N following a single π/2 pulse at thermal equilibrium:

The parameters VS90P1/2 are determined by the NMR probe, and for 13C in Doty’s 3 mm D1-3 at 11.7 T, it is ~1 (common units). We’ve seen published cases where this figure of merit is smaller by a factor of 3 to 10. That would translate into total signal acquisition times 9 to 100 times longer, assuming little change in the other numbers. So even if a 1.3 mm probe can spin 50% faster than the DI-3, and in so doing reduce the 1H linewidth lw by 30%, it still might take 20 times longer to do the experiment. Look for a more detailed S/N analysis coming soon on our website, along with a useful S/N applet.

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