The Resonator


Small and Large MRI RF Research Coils for Mice, Rats, Rabbits, Primates…

Shielded  1H and 1H/C dual-frequency coils are available.  Open platforms with removable shields are also available.

The following larger 3T coils are available with quick delivery:   Click for more Information.

  •  1H/13C  27.5 cm dia  x 26.5 cm lgth
  •  1H 18 cm dia  x 18.5 cm lgth
  • 1H 16 cm dia x 18.5 cm lgth

Any of these coils may be double-tuned (1H/f), where f is a fixed frequency.  Our research “Knee” or “Head” coils can also be used for large animal pre-clinical purposes.

Doty rf Litz and Litzcage Modules

Some have thought that Doty Litz or Litzcage coils are made with litz wire.  That is not the case.  An old meaning of the word litz is woven.  The coils, with the Doty patented insulated crossovers, can be thought of as “woven” coils.

  • Highest homogeneity
  • Highest S/N
  • Quick, simple tuning for all sample sizes
  • Double-resonance, multinuclear tuning available

    Our passive CP Litzcages (no integral preamps or switches) have consistently demonstrated dramatically superior B1 homogeneity and improved S/N in independent comparisons to conventional birdcages and TEM resonators at frequencies from 125 MHz to 750 MHz. Moreover, our knee coils included window slots to facilitate accurate positioning and monitoring.

    The S/N of these coils is superior to that of other semi-open coils of similar FOV, and the B1homogeneity can only be described as extraordinary.

About Judy Doty

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