The Resonator


Access Sample Temperatures to 250 ºC in a Narrow Bore Wideline Probe!

To illustrate the capability of a novel 3 mm H/X wideline narrow bore probe with extended VT range, we performed a variable temperature experiment on Pb(NO3)2 over the temperature range from -110 °C to +250 °C.  Those data are summarized in figure below.  The first thing that is apparent is the isotropic chemical shift is changing as a function of ...


Small and Large MRI RF Research Coils for Mice, Rats, Rabbits, Primates…

Shielded  1H and 1H/C dual-frequency coils are available.  Open platforms with removable shields are also available. The following larger 3T coils are available with quick delivery:   Click for more Information.  1H/13C  27.5 cm dia  x 26.5 cm lgth  1H 18 cm dia  x 18.5 cm lgth 1H 16 cm dia x 18.5 ...


Total Eclipse at Doty Scientific 8-21-2017

Solar Photos by Rochelle Doty at Doty Scientific.  (Note the moon outline in photo 2.)   Solar Photos by Vince Cothran at Doty Scientific.   The day was perfect... but the 93 degree weather made canopies a must, and a large fan helped too.


ENC 2017: MAS with Magic-Angle-Gradients and 1H-19F/X/Y/Z MAS

We will be headed to the ENC in a few days.  We hope to see you there.  Our suite Toyon will be open Sunday-Wednesday from 7:00 PM to 11:30 PM. (There will be icecream!) We will be presenting information about our new 4 channel 1H-19F/X/Y/Z MAS probe, and Bibhuti Das will be presenting a poster on design and applications of ...

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