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Access Sample Temperatures to 250 ºC in a Narrow Bore Wideline Probe!

To illustrate the capability of a novel 3 mm H/X wideline narrow bore probe with extended VT range, we performed a variable temperature experiment on Pb(NO3)2 over the temperature range from -110 °C to +250 °C.  Those data are summarized in figure below.  The first thing that is apparent is the isotropic chemical shift is changing as a function of temperature.  These data match the well-known temperature dependence reported by Bielecki and Burum (JMR 1995).  Secondly, comparing the powder lineshape at the lowest temperature to that any of the higher temperature data illustrates the onset of molecular motion.  The nitrate ligands are moving, and this motion is averaging the shielding tensor of the Pb2+ ion.  Finally, note the highest temperature reported here is 225 °C; the high temperature limit for the probe is actually 250 °C.  For more information on the special construction and features of this unique probe, click here.

Sample temperature measured by 207Pb(NO3)2 chemical shift

Bibhuti Das and Paul Ellis, Doty Scientific, Inc.

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