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Large and Small MRI Coils
Doty Quad-Fast-MAS H/X/Y/Z or H-F/X/Y/Z HR-Solids
MAS-MAG Low-E Inverse-Detected Applications (Magic Angle Gradient)
Resonator Trivia

Dramatic Advance in NMR of Insoluble Proteins.
3Hz 1H linewidth on solid protein GB1. using the new Doty QUAD-FAST-MAS H/X/Y/Z Probe for Quad Resonance MAS.
2017 ENC

Doty Scientific Plant Tour
User Spotlight - Pre Clinical MRI
EUROMAR Conference Photos

Guide to Simulating NMR Probe Circuits, Phase I SBIR Grant Award, User Spotlight: MD Anderson Cancer Center, Hyperpolarized 29Si MRI
Ultra-High-Field NMR Workshop

Static-DNP Probe and ENC 2015

CryoMAS-DNP Talk at SEMRC 2014

Whats on Your Wish List for 2014?

French mountains, a SBIR grant, and "BMAX Probe 100 Times Faster".

We hope you like the new look
The "User Spotlight" presents some nice images by Matthew Budde, Ph.D. at the Medical college of Wisconsin.
The BMAX probe and solids NMR are also highlighted.

New RF Coils tested Using the "Double-Cross" experiment the Doty 900 MHz Pisema Probe at the NHMFL in Florida
"Important Factors When Considering a New MRI Volume Coil"
"Featured Product - Small Animal Imaging Coil"

"Doty’s Breakthroughs in Low-Temperature MAS: LN2-I"
"Important Factors When Considering a Diffusion Probe"
"Featured Product - Z Gradient Probes - Doty PFG/Diffusion"
A new feature called “User Spotlight” presents some excellent work out of the Enhanced MR Laboratory, Huntington Medical Research Institute, and the California Institute of Technology of Pasadena, CA, USA. The work was done on a 1H/13C Doty imaging coil.

"A Little History" of Doty Scientific
"Important Factors When Purchasing a Solids Probe"
"Featured Product - BMAX MAS Probes – 3 mm or 4 mm"

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