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Total Eclipse at Doty Scientific 8-21-2017

Solar Photos by Rochelle Doty at Doty Scientific.  (Note the moon outline in photo 2.)


Solar Photos by Vince Cothran at Doty Scientific.


The day was perfect… but the 93 degree weather made canopies a must, and a large fan helped too.

We want to thank Vince Cothran for the fine solar projector he made.  It was a real hit.  David Doty  and Bibhuti Das are checking it out.

We were glad that Warren and Kathy Warren and their granddaughter Alexia came to share eclipse watching with us.

Doty employee families… old and young shared this special event.

Vince Cothran getting his camera ready.

Rochelle Doty (with Glenn) giving a thumbs up… camera and glasses ready to go.


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